samedi 13 février 2010

Vectorial Elevation

Yesterday, on February 12, the 2010 Winter Olympics have opened in Canada.

To celebrate this RAFAEL LOZANO-HEMMER was commissioned by the Cultural Olympiad and the City of Vancouver to stage his public art piece "Vectorial Elevation", every night until February 28. This interactive installation allows people visiting to design huge light sculptures over English Bay by directing 20 powerful searchlights over a 100,000 square metre area. A webpage is made for each participant with photos documenting his or her design. The piece has undergone many improvements since it was first presented in Mexico City's Zócalo Square for the Millennium celebrations ten years ago.

If people don't participate the piece does not exist. Fortunately, the project has been online for 7 days as a test period and in that time the website has received visitors from 118 countries, who have created thousands of personalized designs: people's webpages have had everything from marriage proposals to political statements, memorials and messages of support to athletes.

Try the piece out at:

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